Tuckahoe Woman’s Club, Richmond, VA | Holiday Surprise for Grandparents


I saw Kaylyn’s story and just had to reach out about helping capturing the surprise she was planning! The day before her wedding, Kaylyn’s grandfather unfortunately fell and broke a rib. He was unable to make it to her wedding or her brother’s wedding a few weeks later. Knowing how devastated he was to have missed two of his grandkids’ weddings, Kaylyn worked to get everyone together to surprise her grandparents.

She told her grandparents to join them for some photos, telling them she just wanted some family portraits with them and her parents. Since it was a Sunday, they would be dressed up coming from church anyways. So they agreed. They had no idea that Kaylyn and Ryan would be in their wedding attire or that her brother, Tyler, and his wife, Kate, would be there at all.

It took a little bit of careful placement to make sure we could pull off the two surprises. But you can see that it worked out perfectly! On Christmas Eve’s Eve, it was a beautiful holiday gift for the entire family. I’m so glad both couples now have wedding memories with their grandparents and a great story to tell their grandchildren, too, one day. Plus, we got to just have fun and take some extra “wedding day” portraits as well (including some beautiful classic black and white portraits at the end!).

Thank you once again to Debbie of the Tuckahoe Woman’s Club for allowing us to use their space, especially on such short notice during the holiday season!

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