Maymont & Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Virginia | Lina & Al’s Wedding


Even though they were planning a big wedding later in the year in China, Lina and Al wanted to go ahead and tie the knot at home. They held an extra intimate Wednesday wedding in Richmond with Al’s father and nephew as well as a few of their closest friends. One of Lina’s friends even flew in from China!

A funny memory I have from first talking to Lina and Al about their timeline was when I brought up the weather. I always want to prepare my couples for the possibility of rain and asked if they had alternative plans yet. Al just goes, “It’s not going to rain.” I was surprised at his confidence and asked how he could know that. Their wedding day was still weeks away, so really he couldn’t know that. And he just says again, “It’s not going to rain. I just know it.” Sure enough, we had perfectly sunny weather that day despite an entire week of rain before that day! While I would not recommend this method of declaring the rain away, his confident intuition in this case was impressive.

The day started at their beautiful home in Midlothian. We took portraits around their home with Lina wearing not only a Western white wedding dress but also a qipao, a traditional Chinese gown. We later took portraits around Maymont’s beautiful gardens before their wedding ceremony at the Italian Gardens and then also at The Jefferson Hotel Richmond before their reception at Lemaire. Our generously early dinner reservation gave us the opportunity to take photos around the Jefferson with the area practically to ourselves.

This wedding was honestly such an enjoyable change of pace because we set aside so much time to create portraits. We actually scheduled three 45 minute portrait sessions throughout the day. This gave us plenty of time to explore the beautiful locations we had access to and get more creative shots like the ‘first dance’ shot below. I had so much fun capturing Lina and Al’s vision for their wedding day and wish them both all the best!

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