Hello! I'm Xiaoqi (pronounced "cho-chee"), a Charlottesville wedding photographer with a passion for capturing stories in Virginia and worldwide. There’s a magic to love stories, but not in a 'happily ever after' fairytale sorta way. Getting married is not “The End”...it’s just the beginning -  the first page setting a new chapter of your lives together. 

Although there are lots of traditions from all around the world when it comes to weddings, remember that it’s ultimately your love story, so follow what makes your heart happy! Whatever you decide, I’ll be there to document your day as it unfolds. 

When I'm not out with my camera and step-stool, you might find me walking around the Downtown Mall, trying my hand at new recipes, or curling up with a good stand-up comedy on Netflix (John Mulaney, anyone?).

I start off every morning with a huge mug of green tea. When I need something a little stronger, one of my favorite local coffee shops is Milli Coffee Roasters.

There are so many places all over the world on my bucket list! I'm making it a priority in my life to take every opportunity I can to travel.

I'm a huge dessert enthusiast - some of my favorites are fresh fruit cake from Shyndgiz, macarons, & crème brûlée.

 I grew up in Yantai, a port city in China, until I was 5. Being by the ocean just feels like home. I make a trip to the beach at least once a year.

Dogs. I don't know what we did to deserve them, but I adore dogs!

I lived in Chile for 3 months in 2015! I'm very fond of Santiago and can't wait to go back some day. Hopefully, I'll get to go in September and celebrate Fiestas Patrias again!

Forever a Hoo - I'm an alum of UVA!
I'm so glad it brought me to Charlottesville!

Sunsets just never get old for me - it's incredible how different yet uniquely beautiful they can be from one day to the next. I'll always stop to admire all the colors and shadows.

Here are a few fun details about me. 
Let me know if we share any favorites!


I want to get to know you and your fiance. I genuinely become interested in my couples’ stories & come to understand their needs.

1. Conversations



From timeline and vendor recommendations to choosing prints to decorate your home, I’ll be there to help you along the way.

2. Guidance



Have peace of mind knowing you'll have professional coverage & storage of all your wedding memories.


peace of mind


I can’t wait to create a custom designed wedding album for you! Through print, let’s make your house your home.

4. Tangible memories

tangible memories


Working with me involves more than just photography.