Hey there! I’m Jess - wedding photographer, mom to the most spectacular kids, and wife to my high school sweetheart and first love, Jonathan.

I'll never forget the butterflies in my stomach as I sat waiting to see Jon for the first time on our wedding day. The moment that we finally locked eyes felt like the world's biggest blur. Yet, it’s also one of my favorite memories. We were truly in the moment and just so excited to celebrate our past, present, and future together!

And you know what I never noticed or thought about in that moment? 

Our incredible team of photographers. 

Together in our hometown’s bandstand (#smalltownUSA!), I don’t remember them even being there. Yet they flawlessly captured every look, embrace, and emotion of that whirlwind first glance. From Jonathan's smile as he first saw me to the tear that rolled down my cheek as we hugged - they got it all.
I absolutely remember savoring our day and doing my best to take it all in. We danced to "Gangnam Style" (yes friends, we've been married that long!) and ate #alltheitalianfood in-between catching up with our guests who had travelled from around the corner and as far as Thailand! I truly relished the time we had with all of our incredibly loving and supportive family and friends in one place. 

Even so, as time passes and the memories begin to fade, we cherish the photos from our wedding day even more now than before. Through it all, those images remind us of the joy and love we have always been lucky enough to be surrounded by in our lives.

I want you to experience that same feeling on your wedding day and after. Knowing that you have a trusted professional (and friend!) behind the lens on your day to freeze more than just the big moments. You want the little moments, too: the quick hellos and the long embraces, the slow dances and the belly laughs. 

Your day may fly by, but the photographs we’ve captured together will be there long after your celebration is over, reminding you again and again of the small moments that truly tell your love story.

"I would definitely recommend Xiaoqi and her associates to anyone who wants photos taken. The results were fantastic as well, so beautiful and really felt like I was back at our wedding again"

Here are a few fun details about me. 
Let me know if we share any favorites!

More about me

Happiness to me = a carton of mint chip ice cream, my hubs and little guys, and Parks and Rec reruns.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts! That means 16 years down and a lifetime to go!

Sí, hablo español! A year volunteering in Guatemala helped me cross "become bilingual" off my bucket list!

We have 2 kitties - Josie and Stella - who are serial snugglers...and we wouldn't want it any other way!

I've traveled to 43 countries on 6 continents!

Favorites include:
Malawi, Brazil, and New Zealand :)

 My morning go-to is a Chai tea latte made at home or at my favorite local RVA spot, Blackhand Coffee.

Guacamole is my signature dish. And while fall is my favorite season, I really prefer "avocado season."

Highlights from Jess

— Leann & Rudy

Xiaoqi was very responsive and always got back to me whenever I messaged her and would make sure she knew all the details of our wedding to make sure that every moment was caught. Jess was amazing as well!

"One of the best experiences that I have had."

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