Chick’s Beach and Blackrock Summit Engagement Session // Sophie + Emily

When narrowing down the locations for their engagement session, Sophie and Emily loved both the beach vibes near their home and the mountains. So we decided to do both!  Our two part engagement session was at Chick’s Beach in Virginia Beach, VA and then at Blackrock Summit in Shenandoah National Park. 

We started in September at Chick’s Beach, where they had a blast walking along the water and laughing together. Emily even convinced Sophie to jump in the cool September water with her! We waited a few months later to capture the fall beauty of the mountains. A short hike up to Blackrock summit gave us gorgeous sunset views. I loved being able to go to Chick’s Beach and Blackrock Summit with these two, it was incredible! 

Sophie and Emily had been together just over four years when they decided it was time to take the next step. After settling in their new home, it turns out both Sophie and Emily were planning surprise proposals for one another – without knowing it, the two were racing to a secret proposal! 

Sophie beat Emily to the proposal, but that didn’t stop Emily from following through with her plans to propose as well. Sophie proposed a few weeks later during an intimate and personal date night. Watching movies, drinking high end wine and snacking on a charcuterie board set the mood for Sophie to pop the big question! Soon after Emily proposed, and obviously they both said yes!

When asked about what it means to be engaged the couple replied, “Our engagement is very much an extension of our relationship. Our dynamic itself hasn’t changed, but we both really enjoy having reached this milestone together and love that we could finally share this with our families.”

These two met in their freshman year of college through a mutual friend. They both enjoyed scouting local nature paths, playing video games on lazy days, and exploring local cuisine. They now love spending time with their dog, Kissimmee, and exploring the beautiful scenery around their home in Hampton, Virginia.

Emily and Sophie both love non traditional engagement rings with colorful gemstones. With that in mind Emily proposed to Sophie with an Alexandrite engagement ring from Henry Rocky on Etsy. Sophie proposed to Emily with an Emerald engagement ring from Molly Jewelry also on Etsy. The rings are a perfect fit for their personalities and are the perfect reminder of their love for one another. 



Emily and Sophie on beach hugging during chicks beach engagement sessionnewly engaged couple holding hands during chick's beach and blackrock summit engagement sessionNewly engaged couple hugging on the beach during outdoor shootEmily and Sophie embracing on Chick's beachNewly engaged couple kissing on chick's beach in VirginiaEmily and Sophie walking hand in hand during outdoor engagement session on the beachfiances sitting on the beach celebrating recent engagementEmily and Sophie in the water at Chick's beach during engagement sessionNewly engaged couple splashing and celebrating engagement in water at Chick's BeachEmily and Sophie splashing in the water during engagement sessionEmily and Sophie kissing in the waterEmily and Sophie celebrating recent engagement in the waterdetail shot of engagement rings with vibrant gemstonesGold engagement ring with blue and purple colored center stone taken at blackrock summit White gold engagement ring with green center stoneNewly engaged couple celebrating engagement at Chick's beach and blackrock summitEmily and Sophie kissing during engagement session at chick's beach and blackrock summitEmily and Sophie at Blackrock summit during engagement sessionengaged couple sitting on a rock in blackrock summitCouple exploring during outdoor sessionEmily and Sophie sitting on ground during engagement sessionEngaged couple sitting on rocks kissing celebrating togetherEmily and Sophie together at sunset hugging

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fiances sitting on the beach celebrating recent engagement

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