Fall Backyard Airbnb Wedding // Veronica + Ryan // Richmond, VA

Fall Backyard Airbnb Wedding // Veronica + Ryan // Richmond, VA


Looking for something more low-key than the typical wedding venue built for hundreds of guests? Then consider searching on Airbnb and VRBO! These sites can be perfect for finding a low-key wedding venue for micro-weddings and other intimate celebrations. For example, the Riversol Estate is a beautiful Virginia wedding Airbnb located near Richmond, Virginia. This venue was perfect for Veronica and Ryan, when they had to yet again shift their wedding plans last year.

The inspiration for their Riversol Estate wedding was nature and celebrating the beauty around them. The couple knew they wanted an outdoor wedding that “felt secluded in a forest” and originally chose Pocahontas State Park. The new venue was just the spot for that feeling of being surrounded by trees. The deck and surrounding woods were so gorgeous it felt like it was straight out of a storybook! If you hadn’t driven in, you would never know you were just miles from the city and not in the middle of a vast forest.

Veronica and Ryan actually met in Charlottesville at the Jefferson Theater! They were attending a concert alone and struck up a conversation with each other. After the concert ended, Veronica was hoping Ryan would ask for her number – but he didn’t! He later claims he was too nervous and didn’t think she was interested. Thankfully, the next day, Veronica received a message from a friend back in her hometown of Frederick, MD asking about the concert she had recently attended. Little did they know, her friend was also friends with Ryan, and they made got reconnected! Veronica and Ryan immediately clicked and have been inseparable ever since. 

Some of the couples’ favorite memories of their Riversol Estate wedding were getting ready with family and friends. Veronica said, “I really felt the love and support that morning, and the whole day!” For Ryan, one of his most unexpected and memorable moments was picking bugs out of Veronica’s champagne. Both said their airbnb wedding day wouldn’t have been possible without family and trusted vendors supporting their next steps in life together. 

I asked the couple to share some advice for future wedding couples and they said, “stay true to who you are as a couple!” Normally couples planning their wedding feel obligated to include, when they don’t have to! Veronica and Ryan omitted a lot of the more traditional and popular elements from their wedding because “we didn’t feel like it represented us.” When planning your big day, there aren’t any rules, so don’t feel pressured to do something that doesn’t feel right! 

Veronica and Ryan’s woodland Riversol Estate wedding day was a magical and nature filled event that we’ll never forget. Filled with family and friends, these two were supported and had the time of their lives. 

woodland chic airbnb wedding invitation with greenery and floral detail shot of wedding invitation and wedding rings at airbnb wedding

detail shot of woodland chic, groom's pink rose, greenery, and burlap boutonniere at airbnb wedding

bride getting ready on airbnb wedding day

mother of the bride watching as bride gets makeup done on wedding day

bride taking selfies with bridesmaids in matching floral robes during airbnb wedding

bride walking into room wearing wedding dress with embroidered florals throughout

mother of bride hugging bride on airbnb wedding day in wedding gowns

bride laughing and crying on airbnb wedding day in floral embroidered wedding dress

mother of bride hugging bride on airbnb wedding day

bride reading letter from groom and laughing on wedding day in Charlottesville

detail shot of groom's wedding attire on a wooden custom hanger for airbnb wedding

groom getting ready on wedding day in Charlottesville

groom buttoning sleeves on white shirt on wedding day

groom reading vows on smart phone on wedding day in preparation for ceremony groom watching youtube video on how to tie a tie on airbnb wedding day

groom buttoning jacket on wedding day in Charlottesville

groom reading letter from bride on airbnb wedding day in Charlottesville wearing green plaid suit

stone altar detail shot at airbnb outdoor wedding

bridesmaids cheering on bride in pink gowns as she walked down the aisle

groom making silly faces at wedding ceremony

mother and father of bride walking her down the aisle at outdoor wedding ceremony

groom watching bride walk down aisle on airbnb wedding day in green suit during woodland chic wedding

bride looking at groom during woodland chic outdoor ceremony

groom looking at bride while holding hands on wedding day

newly married couple walking together while groom wears green suit and bride wears blush pink floral embroidered wedding dress

newly married couple kisses while bridal party celebrates and cheers

bride walking with bridesmaids wearing pink gowns

bride and bridesmaid laughing and having fun while wearing pink dresses in woodland chic wedding

groom dancing and having fun with bridal party at airbnb wedding

groom chest bumping groomsmen in green wedding attire

bride and groom walking out together as guests throw flower petals in celebration

wedding couple dancing first dance during outdoor reception bride and groom dancing together during first dance at woodland chic airbnb wedding

'take a shot' wedding sign with greenery and chic wedding reception

close up detail of shot glasses

wedding couple taking shots together during woodland chic reception

groomsman giving toast at wedding reception at airbnb wedding

bride and groom toasting after speeches

bridesmaid wearing pink dress giving toast at wedding reception

bride and groom looking over at bridesmaid after giving speech

groom smiling in woodland chic wedding bridal portraits wearing green suit and pink tie

bride holding bridal bouquet wearing blush pink wedding gown with flowers throughout bride spinning in blush dress on outdoor wedding day

beautiful blush wedding dress with floral accents throughout gown

wedding couple walking in forest during bridal portraits on woodland chic airbnb wedding day

bridal couple hugging foreheads touching during bridal portraits

bride laughing and smiling at groom during outdoor portraits

wedding couple looking over the forest

bridal couple sitting on stairs embracing

wedding guests dancing during airbnb wedding reception

bride dancing with wedding guests during outdoor reception

bride laughing and celebrating during woodland chic airbnb wedding

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wedding couple walking in forest during bridal portraits on woodland chic airbnb wedding day

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