Best Richmond Engagement Session Locations

The Richmond area has so many different options for your engagement session! With urban locations and natural areas, and everything in between, it won’t be hard to find a location you love for your Richmond engagement session. I love that our city has such a diverse food & drinks scene, beautiful architecture, and gorgeous greenery and waterfront – some of the many reasons why Richmond is such a beloved city. No matter what you’re interested in, Richmond is sure to show up and have exactly what you’re looking for. Below is a list of my top 7 locations in Richmond for any couple’s engagement story.

Table of Contents

  • Best Richmond Engagement Session Locations 
  • Classic & Elegant Richmond Engagement Locations
  • Urban & Historic Locations
  • Colorful Locations for Artsy Couples
  • Rustic Locations for Outdoorsy Couples
  • Gardens & Parks

Top 7 Richmond Engagement Session Locations 

  1. Libby Hill

A Richmond classic, Libby Hill has one of the best views of the city and James River. The beautiful park has lots of spots of greenery and flowers throughout the spring and summer. This location can get quite crowded around sunset, especially on weekends and any day the weather is especially nice out.

couple snuggling during richmond engagement session at Libby Hill

  1. Belle Isle

Nestled in the heart of Richmond, Belle Isle is the perfect getaway to nature without having to even leave the city. Many locals are already familiar with this area as a spot for riding bikes, going for a swim in the river, having a picnic on the rocks, or taking a mini-hike. This island is also a great spot for greenery and waterfront views, with an even more rustic/outdoorsy feel than Libby Hill. 

man and woman walking through trees at Belle Isle at Richmond engagement session

  1. Maymont

Also a popular event venue, Maymont’s gardens are popular for proposals, engagements, and wedding days alike. The property spans over 100 acres! Two of the most popular gardens are the Italian Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. Although no permit is required, you’ll want to call ahead anyways due to the Maymont’s busy schedule that often involves early closures to the public. Additionally, donations to the Garden are always encouraged!

newly married couple at Maymont in Richmond

  1. Virginia State Capitol

The elegant white architecture of the Virginia State Capitol building is simply iconic. Unfortunately, fencing went up around the building in 2021 and has remained. The surrounding gardens and city views still make this a great choice for timeless engagement photos.

newly engaged couple embracing during richmond engagement session

  1. Downtown Richmond

This is a great way for your photographer to basically third wheel your date night! Whether you’re going for a more casual or editorial vibe, there are lots of options around the city, such as getting ice-cream together at Scoop RVA, exploring cute shops around Carytown, and wandering the city’s colorful murals (another mural resource further down this post).

woman wearing green dress kissing man in oatmeal shirt during richmond engagement session couple eating ice cream during richmond engagement session

  1. Canal Walk

The west facing canal walk area has absolutely gorgeous light around sunset! There are many patches of greenery, river views, and flowers surrounding the canal. It’s also easy to include as much or as little of the bridge as you’d like, depending on if you like a touch of industrial vibes.

man and woman hugging in canal walk in Richmond

  1. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (aka VMFA)

The VMFA is also a gorgeous location inside and out. While some areas have bold pops of color, there are also parts with just greenery and the neutrals of the building. So you can easily curate the vibe of your session here. Since you can also go indoors, this location is great as a rain location if the session of your date isn’t flexible. This venue is open 365 days a year, and always free!

man and woman walking around VMFA at Richmond engagement session locations

  1. Quirk Hotel

Also a popular wedding venue, the Quirk Hotel has one of the best rooftop views in Richmond. The courtyard and areas throughout the hotel are also gorgeous, with the decor often rotated seasonally. There is a high fee to use this space for portrait sessions, but it’s worth it for its amazing views and aesthetic!

newly married couple looking out over Richmond from Quirk Hotel

Classic & Elegant Richmond Engagement Locations 

Virginia State Capitol

Jefferson Hotel

Quirk Hotel

newly engaged couple walking through richmond engagement session

Urban & Historic Locations 

Downtown Richmond (Carytown, murals, brewery, ice-cream shop)

Canal Walk

Brown’s Island

Parking Garage Rooftop

University of Richmond

Branch Museum

Dover Hall

couple embracing during richmond engagement session

Colorful Locations for Artsy Couples

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA)

Quirk Gallery at Quirk Hotel 

Murals around Carytown & Downtown

couple hugging at sunset with puppy at outdoor richmond engagement session

Rustic Locations for Outdoorsy Couples

Perfect for the couple looking to escape the city and explore the outdoors celebrating Richmond’s beauty. 

Belle Isle

Pony Pasture

Avonlea Farms

Ashton Creek Vineyard

Virginia House

Gardens & Parks

Scuffletown Park

Libby Hill Park

Gardens at the Virginia State Capitol (the tulips are gorgeous here in the spring!)

Maymont (Italian Gardens, Japanese Gardens)

Lewis Ginter Park

Midlothian Mines Park

Bryan Park

couple sitting on blanket during richmond engagement session

Check out more engagement inspiration here, or explore the most popular Richmond wedding venues here. Ready to plan your Richmond engagement session or Richmond wedding? Contact me here!

couple sitting on blanket during richmond engagement session

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